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Every year your assessment district calculates the highest possible value for your home, not the most accurate.

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Without protesting, we estimate you will pay $ more in property taxes next year.*

Your home was assessed for under $150,000 last year. If this home is your primary residence, we are delighted to offer you a free property tax contestation report, normally a $150 value.

Your property taxes are determined by the value estimated by your local assessment district. Not surprisingly, they calculate the highest possible value for your home, not the most accurate.

Based on years of successful property contestation experience we have developed an advanced assessment algorithm that creates the fairest possible estimate of your home's value in order to lower your taxes.

Our personalized valuation report does the work for you by gathering all of the evidence you need to protest and lower your assessment.

Take action now and preorder your valuation report before the assessment district releases its 2020 appraisals.

You will receive the discounted price of $99 for our 2020 assessment services.

We offer the most advanced property contestation service by including all three kinds of valuation techniques:

Technique Us Others
Fair and Equitable
Comparable Recent Sales Some
Automated Valuation Model
Demonstration Comparables Map from Sample Report

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Your Personalized Report Includes:

Comps and Market Analysis

Customized Valuation Models

Step-by-Step Guide to the Protest Process

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